Intellectual Property Strategy in TERM (Webinar #4) – Jan 2017

Intellectual Property Strategy in TERM (Webinar #4) – Jan 2017
PAP 2016-17

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Session 4: Intellectual Property Strategy in TERM (Webinar)

This talk was given by Dr. MacKenna Roberts, a Legal Consultant from IP Asset Ventures Ltd.

Think about intellectual property (IP) from the beginning involving all layers of management. Identify potentially valuable IP early on (patent, trade secret, know-how, copyright, and trade mark). Which part of you IP is most valuable is not always straightforward. Consider what you may want to patent and what to protect as confidential know-how or trade secrets. Control confidentiality carefully protecting against inadvertent disclosures. Disclosing your invention will damage/destroy your IP. Documents protecting you IP (e.g. NDA/CDAs, IP clauses in contracts) are essential from the beginning. Do an IP landscaping exercise early on to identify competitors, potential collaborators and infringers. Maintain a clear paper trail from the beginning recording the IP, its proposed method of protection, and its ownership. Sorting out IP ownership retrospectively is messy and expensive.


Dr. MacKenna Roberts
Legal Consultant
IP Asset Ventures Ltd.


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