Do I have to form a team to apply?

No, you can apply as an individual or a team of up to five members.

Am I eligible to apply?

If you are an early-career researcher (i.e. post-doc or earlier), and your business proposal falls within the remit of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, then you are eligible! You do not need a registered business to be eligible.

Can I enter more than one idea into the competition?

Only one submission per participant (either as an individual or a team) is permitted, but we do recommend you to build a strong team to accelerate the success of your business plan/product commercialisation.

Do I/we have to attend the TERMIS meeting in order to participate in the BPC?

Not unless you reach the final round. If your business plan makes it through to the finals, at least one representative from each team will be required to present at the conference. Please bear this in mind when you enter in Round 1. We recommend investigating potential travel funding options from your local institution in support of your attendance to the finals.

Will my/our business plan be kept confidential?

Please be aware that presenting at the Business Plan Competition constitutes a public disclosure at the poster session and at final competition. Your team may decide on the level of detail that would be appropriate to present publicly. Regarding the submission of the Executive Summary, Full Business Plan or other related information, the BPC Committee is committed to keeping your information completely confidential amongst the committee and allotted mentors and judges.

Will I/my team be able to attend the TERMIS Conference if I/we don’t have an academic abstract accepted by TERMIS?

There are two rounds of competition at this year’s BPC program – in the first round, the participant teams would be invited for selection based on a two-page Executive Summary. If students and researchers who pass this round successfully, they will be invited to compete at the final competition (the second round) including submitting a written full business plan and giving an oral/poster presentation at the TERMIS meeting. Also, during the second round, each team would be paired with a mentor to help them develop their ideas/products/services. That means any participant teams which pass the first round would be considered as accepted by TERMIS, so they can register to TERMIS or even apply travel grants from the general funding agencies.