Jeanne Volatron and Nicolas Rousseau started EVerZom based on work undertaken at Université Paris Diderot. EVerZom is developing a proprietary, GMP-compliant, large-scale production process for extracellular vesicles (EVs). Their platform will be capable of producing EVs for research and clinical use and aims to serve the global regenerative medicine and tissue engineering market.



Based in London, Pregenerate (led by Julie Rosser) is developing a patent-pending ‘cartilage-on-a-chip’ to accelerate drug discovery and development for osteoarthritis. Pregenerate are also developing personalised screening capabilities, matching patients to the best treatment for them, both direct-to-market and as a service provider.


A spin-out from Leibniz Institute of Polymer Science Dresden, TissueGUARD is developing a platform that enables the production of scaffold-free cell sheets for research and clinical use. TissueGUARD’s patented materials provide scaffolds or encapsulation methods that can be selectively dissolved on-demand, leaving just the cell construct behind.

Blinky & Brain

Blinky & Brain are proposing a highly innovative combination device therapy for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. A carbon-based optoelectrical implant provides an attachment surface for optogentically modified neurones that release dopamine when a Bluetooth signal triggers light release from the device. The work is currently under development through a Marie-Curie ITN Training4CRM grant.