“Beating organs on chip advancing drug screening”

BiomimX proposes a new generation of beating organs-on-chips as reliable and affordable tools for screening drug benefit and safety that will revolutionize the way Big Pharma will test new drug candidates. uHeart, our lunching product, reproduces the human heart functions in a chip, being the first predictive in vitro tool for drug cardiotoxicity.


“Revolutionising haemodialysis vascular access”

Top haemodialysis vascular access alternatives, native fistula and synthetic grafts, have complementary advantages and disadvantages. Grafts are better in short-term, while fistula remain functional for longer. The solution is an access that initially behaves as a graft, but through degradation and remodelling behaves as a fistula in the long-term.


“Portable bioprinter”

ReverTome is a microfluidic chip-based portable bioprinter that enables the homogenous in situ deposition of cell-embedded thick biomaterial sheets for the treatment of full thickness skin wound injuries.


“The future of healing”

ExTherea technology regenerates the diseased tissue to close wounds in patients that would be considered “too far gone” by the metrics of standard care.


“Making drug and cosmetic testing realistic”

BIOreACT offers to the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries a new concept of 3D drug/cosmetic screening. Unlike the current testing platforms and animal models, our system is 3D, dynamic and designed for interfaces. Overall, the dynamics and design of our solution allow to make drug and cosmetics screening in a realistic human-like environment.