TERMIS holds the largest start-up competition in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM) fields across Europe and the rest of the world. The competition takes the form of three rounds, with the finals a life pitch at the TERMIS World Congress in Kyoto, Japan, in September 2018.

Whether you’re looking for a first taste of the business side of TERM or want to accelerate your startup through invaluable mentorship and substantial cash prizes, the TERMIS-WC BPC is for you!

How do I participate?

Applications are now OPEN for TERMIS Global Business Plan Competition 2018.
Top 5 teams will be invited to enter the find competition held at the TERMIS World Congress Conference in Kyoto, Japan in September 2018.

BPC Round 1: Preliminary Screening

Teams of up to five students and/or early career investigators, enter the competition. The top 50% of these teams are selected to enter Round 2 and submit a two-minute video pitch of their business idea. Your business plan does not need to be fully developed at this stage; rather, we are looking for a strong technical foundation for your proposition, proof-of-concept data if available, and a well-considered development strategy.

BPC Round 2: Project Development

Each invited team receives two mentors, one with technical expertise and one with business strategy experience. Through conversations and guidance from your mentors you will develop your business plan from an idea or preliminary draft to a fully-fledged and comprehensive business plan suitable for presentation to investors. Five of the best teams are selected by our panel of judges to present in the final round.

BPC Round 3: Final Competition

Finalist teams compete by pitching their business plans at the TERMIS World Congress Conference in Kyoto, Japan, in September 2018. The presentation will be open to all conference delegates, offering a unique opportunity to showcase yourself and your business to a significant audience. The pitches will be judged by a panel of industry key opinion leaders, who will also have the chance to ask each team a few questions.

The top three teams are awarded substantial monetary prizes to accelerate the development of their business proposition.

Networking Dinner

Come and indulge yourself in a unique networking opportunity with investors, industrial partners and academics from diverse backgrounds in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine over a delicious buffet following the Final Competition at TERMIS World Congress 2018. This event is free for all competition finalists!